Uersfeld – De

Hardly anyone would ever assume historic pipes hidden behind the massive façade encompassing the entire length of the room.

Still, when the organ, which was inaugurated on December 8th, 1954, was built by the Organ Builder’s Institute Ernst Seifert of Bergisch-Gladbach, twelve voices were either entirely or at least partially carried over from its predecessor, which was originally built by the cousins Franz-Heinrich and Carl Stumm and bought for 1300 thaler in 1834.

The Uerfeld Church, completed in 1782, was thoroughly renovated in 2000, which enabled a general overhaul for the organ and the move of its console from the side to the center.


I. Great Organ C-g3 II. Positive C-g³ Pedal Organ C-d1
Quintade 16´ Hohlflöte Subbaß 16´
Prinzipal Rohrflöte Oktavbaß
Gedackt Praestant Gedacktbaß
Salicional Nachthorn Choralbaß
Oktave Schwiegel Baßflöte
Flauto Nasat 1 1/3´ Mildposaune 16´
Quinte 2 2/3´ Krummhorn
Oktave Tremolo
Mixtur 4-fach 1 1/3´

Electro-pneumatic action, pouch chests
Couplers: II/I – Super II/I – Sub II/I – Super II/II – I/P – II/P
1 free combination
Piano, Forte, Tutti
Off/on for reed voices and register crescendo pedal
Free combination for the pedal
Stops of the former Stumm-organ are printed in bold type