Feyen – Trier – De

Church music was an important consideration even in the planning stages of St. Valerius’ Church in Trier-Feyen. Since the lovely building, erected in 1953, is not equipped with a gallery, choir and organ received two rooms, one above the other, near the altar.

On top is the 131st piece by Organ Builder Company Eduard Sebald of Trier, built in 1967, which is electronically connected to its console one floor below. The organist can also direct the choir from here, since a terrace-like construction was built for the singers on the left hand side.

As is usual with instruments made in this period, the façade’s design follows the ‘werkprinzip’-ideals. Each of the organ’s divisions is located in its own case and is, as such, easily identifiable, even to the casual viewer. On the right, there is the Great Organ (Manual I), next to it the Oberwerk on top (Manual II) and the Small Pedal beneath it, and the Great Pedal on the left. The copper pipes transition smoothly into the brick-red wall paneling.

In 2001, several bellow edges and the console’s electronic contacts needed to be replaced.


I. Great Organ C-g3 II. Oberwerk C-g3 Pedal Organ C-f1
Prinzipal Rohrflöte Kontrabaß 16´
Holzgedeckt Prestant Subbaß 16´
Oktave Lieblich Gedackt Oktavbaß
Gemshorn Principal Rohrpommer
Waldflöte Spitzquinte 1 2/3´ Nachthorn
Kornett 2-3 fach Oktave Hintersatz 3-fach
Mixtur 5-fach Scharfcymbel 3-fach Fagott 16´
Trompete Oboe Regal

Slider chests, electric key action, electro-pneumatic stop action with slider motors
Couplers: II/I – I/P – II/P
2 free combinations
Register crescendo pedal, Tutti
Off/on for reed voices and register crescendo pedal