Steinfort – Lu

After the preceding instrument made by the Müller brothers of Reifferscheid, the 1961 organ from the manufacture d´orgues G. Haupt of Lintgen is the second piece the 1908-built St. Walburga’s parish church in Steinfort has had.

The Great Organ is located in the middle, behind the caseless organ’s façade of pipes. The pedal, separated into C and Cs, is symmetrically arranged to the left and right of it, also behind the façade.

The swell division was placed in the substructure, with disc-shaped sound openings hiding the shutters. Its two windchests are placed in a 90° angle with regards to the windchests from the great organ. This enabled the erection of the large pipes in a recess within the back church wall and the placement of a second row of shutters on the same level with the great organ. This type of “roof sweller” grants interesting sound effects.

The swell division is particularly strong through its wide pipe-scale consisting of chimney flute 8’ and night horn 4’, which gives the sound a beautiful, carrying character.

The instrument received a general overhaul in 2003.


I. Great Organ C-g3 II. Swell Organ C-g3 Pedal Organ C-f1
Principal Salicional Subbaß 16´
Bordun Rohrflöte Oktavbaß
Gemshorn Nachthorn Gedacktbaß
Prestant Nasat 2 2/3´ Choralbaß
Flöte Blockflöte Flötenbaß
Doublette Cymbel 3-fach Lieblich Posaune 16´
Mixtur 3-fach 1 1/3´ Feldtrompete Baßtrompete

Electro-pneumatic action, cone-valve chests
Couplers: II/I – II/I super – II/I sub – I/I super – II/II super – I/P – II/P – II/P super
1 free combination, 4 fixed combinations, 1 free combination for the Pedal Organ
Off/on for the reed voices and octave couplers