Neidenbach – De

An impressive specimen of a caseless organ was created by the organ builders Sebald and Brandt of Trier. In 1939, they built their “Opus 11”.

Neither a case nor decorations were used in its construction; instead, the 134 pipes make up their own façade.

While the front row is rhythmically curved with respect to the progression of the pipes and the labial lines, the lowest pipes of the 8´ Principal behind it are presented in the relaxing shape of a miter.

In 2002, all skiver split skin puffers needed to be replaced, and some visible signs of wear were repaired.


I. Great Organ C-g3 II. Positive C-g3 Pedal Organ C-f1
Prinzipal Lieblich Gedackt Subbaß 16´
Rohrflöte Salizional Oktavbass
Gedacktpommer Prinzipal Gedacktbass
Oktave Zartflöte Choralbass
Mixtur 3-fach Nachthorn Gedacktflöte
Krummhorn Nasat 2 2/3´ Nachthorn
Terzflöte 1 3/5´ Krummhorn

Electro-pneumatic action, cone-valve chests
Couplers: II/I – II/I super – II/I sub – I/P – II/P
1 free combination
Mezzoforte, Tutti
Pianopedal, roller crescendo
Off/on for the reed voices