Mamer – Lu

After the age of caseless organs, this instrument, built in 1964 by the fabrique d´orgues luxembourgeoise s.à r.l. of Lintgen, hints at a return of casings despite the fact that it lacks a lid and that the case, which is mounted in front of the wind chests, does not represent the inner workings of the organ.

The great organ and the pedal, which are surrounded by the casing, stand semi-detached on the gallery. Behind them, the swell division is placed almost on the outside in an annex, between the two towers. The swell wall and its shutters, both integrated into an impressive pointed arch, make up the sound opening towards the nave.

The pipe works presents itself as a mixture of old and new, though some of the foundation voices might be from the previous instrument, made by the Wetzel Company of Strassbourg, as the hand-written voice names indicate. The other mixtures and the mutation and reed voices are made of spotted metal without exception; large pipes, longer than 60 cm, made of zinc. Some pipes have Dutch voice names written on them.

The instrument received a general overhaul in 2009.


I. Great Organ C-g3 II. Swell Organ C-g3 Pedal organ C-f1
Bordun Lieblich Gedackt Subbaß 16´
Prinzipal Salicional Oktavbass
Gemshorn Ital. Prinzipal Gedacktbass
Prestant Rohrflöte Choralbass
Dulzflöte Nachthorn Kleingedackt
Quinte 2 2/3´ Kleinnasat 1 1/3´ Pedalflöte
Doublette Terz 1 3/5´ Basson 16´
Mixtur 3-fach 1 1/3´ Cymbel 3-fach Dulzian
Trompete Krummhorn Singend Kornett

Slider chests, electric action for the two manuals
Cone-valve chests, electro-pneumatic action for the pedal
Couplers: II/I – I/P – II/P
1 free combination , 4 fixed combinations, 1 free combination for the Pedal Organ
Register crescendo pedal
Off/on for the reed voices and the register crescendo pedal by toe pistons