Guiding Principles

The following passage needs to contain something keen, something philosophical, a mot d’esprit. A good business does not simply work away, it has a guiding principle. Usually, at any rate.

No matter how much I think about it, though, I cannot think of any organ-building related words of wisdom.

Nevertheless, we need something. We do, after all, have principles.

Oh, right, the history of organ building, the history of our business, the tradition!?

A tradition of our own in a small business, established in 1993, that concerns itself with the refurbishment of existing instruments?

No, that won’t do, either. But what might be a suitable term?

Perhaps a quote will do the trick.

“There must be at least a dozen ways of building an absolutely perfect organ.”

Edward Power Biggs

This is true. We see it on a daily basis while at work. There are so many different styles, sounds, technological solutions. The organ is so manifold.

“You need to have your mind set on being precise from the very beginning. Due to our human shortcomings, it will end up being imprecise all by itself.”

Max Koulen

To be precise, this is what we want. To overhaul the instruments left in our care to the very best of our abilities. Our customers can rely on that.

There, see? That wasn’t so hard. It did not end up being philosophical, but at least we have a golden thread that can be followed throughout our work.